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DVMAX Anywhere is a web based platform/framework to deliver new DVMAX functionality.

Click the link below if you are interested in a video presentation about DVMAX Anywhere

Look in the DVMAX Manual for full documentation on what the Anywhere App can do, introduced in DVMAX 8.5.


  1. Document signing
    This has been a longstanding gap in DVMAX functionality.  Anywhere allows ANY DVMAX word processing document to be signed and turned into a PDF.  Or just turned into a PDF.  The signed/PDF’ed document is automatically attached to the patient record!
  2. Digital Whiteboard
    Another longstanding customer request is a graphical task whiteboard similar to the physical whiteboard in the clinic.  DVMAX anywhere has this on both tablet and desktop.
  3. Configurable Clinic Dashboard
    4 tabs on the Anywhere home page allow the clinic to configure 2 custom tabs and one tab for lab results and one tab for DVMAX news.
  4. Quick Patient Searches
    Searches like “recently seen”, In Hospital, and more.
  5. Live DVMAX web reports
    Patient links in web reports can now be live!  This will allow a patient link to be opened in Anywhere from within a custom report.
  6. Send a patient link
    Similar to above item you can send a link to a patient record via email. The recipient can view the patient record by clicking the link (they will need to authenticate to log in).
  7. Client and Patient info on the same view
  8. Scheduler/Appt viewing
    See a list view for a specific doctor/column or the full hospital schedule.

This summarizes the initial release of DVMAX Anywhere.

Future features for Anywhere may include:

  • Phone capable limited view of Anywhere.
  • IDEXX lab ordering using VCPlus on the DVMAX Anywhere tablet.
  • Invoicing, Checkout

Link to Anywhere desktop:
In the office, you can access Anywhere from the Special menu in DVMAX Client:


If you want to use it on any tablet, simply enter the URL on your tablet's web browser!
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