Pre-Install Checklist for Upgrading to DVMAX v8.8

DVMAX v8.8 offers many great new features and updates, such as a SmartFlow integration, tablet access with Anywhere 2.0, full 64-bit compatibility, and an updated word processing area. Prior to performing this upgrade, you’ll want to go through this pre-install checklist to make sure you’re setup for a successful upgrade.


  1. Verify your server and all workstations meet DVMAX v8.8 system requirements ( and your Operating System is certified or compatible for DVMAX v8.8 (

    1.  Please note that DVMAX v8.8 no longer supports a 32-bit operating system

    2. Having hardware that meets our system requirements will help to ensure stability and better performance of the DVMAX application 

  2. Review improvements to the application with your staff:

    1. Link to Release Notes:

    2. Link to WP Documentation and Video:

  3. We have implemented a new Word Processing module so that the DVMAX Client application could be supported on 64-bit operating systems. To prepare for this new technology upgrade, there are a few steps we recommend taking PRIOR to upgrading:  

    1. If you have images in an old picture format (.pict) the newer technology can no longer display these.  To make sure you still have access to these older images:

      1. Create a folder on a workstation to save a copy of your practice logo in a  jpg or png format.

      2. Save any additional images you use in your protected documents to this same folder as jpg or png. 

    2. Make a list of your most used documents that you will want to verify for potential formatting changes after install. 

      1. In some instances we have found documents will convert only needing a few spacing or alignment fixes.

      2. More complex forms with a lot of tabbing, columns, and complex headers and footers will require more formatting fixes. 

  4. We no longer support non-EMV Credit Card processing due to the security risks. 

    1. If you are using the Credit Card Processing integration and have yet to convert your machines to EMV, contact your Open Edge representative.  They will help get your old swipers replaced as they will NOT work with DVMAX 8.8.

  5. Review the install instructions to plan for your install. 

    1. Keep in mind that your Macintosh client workstations should update automatically. We’ve also added support for auto-updating Windows client workstations after the v8.8 upgrade. 

  6. Plan additional time after the install to review and update your most used protected documents and recent case documents that will be converted.

    1. Post install you MUST: 

      1. Review the list of word processing documents you created prior to the upgrade (step 3) and make necessary adjustments. This may include re-attaching the images or editing the formatting in the documents.

    2. Single-user hospitals - our upgrade documentation recommends keeping the application open for at least 4-hours after the upgrade, before restarting, to ensure all your word processing documents have time to upgrade. The process is designed for seamless, “on-the-fly” conversion for any document that gets opened. This means that during the document conversion process, you are able to open and edit your most used documents. The reason we suggest keeping the application open for 4-hours is to ensure all your documents get converted. (NOTE: This is not necessary for hospitals with a server application as there is a process run by the server to ensure the conversion process re-starts if the server application is rebooted).

  7. Canadian Customers - Are you ordering from IDEXX Reference Labs? If so, please discuss reference lab ordering with our Technical Support team prior to making the decision to upgrade.

  8. Once you have verified your hardware and operating system, and your staff are prepared for DVMAX v8.8, contact DVMAX Technical Support at 800-950-5455.  

    1. They will review this checklist with you to ensure you have verified your system requirements.

    2. They will go over the Word Processing update with you and verify that you have identified your most used and more complex protected documents you will want to review immediately after install.  

    3. If you are an rVetLink user, they will go over additional upgrade steps and set up an appointment to have the rVetLink integration re-established after the DVMAX upgrade.

    4. Once this has been completed the installer will be provided to you.