Credit Card Processing

EMV Overview (Introduced in v8.5)

DVMAX Practice v8.5 introduced an updated version of our integrated credit and debit payment processing feature, now with the security of EMV chip technology. DVMAX’s integrated credit and debit card processing allows for the automatic capture of all payment information.

-EMV is a chip technology used globally in place of a magnetic stripe that helps reduce card fraud in a face-to-face, card-present environments.

- No more manual processing. All payment information is automatically captured from credit and debit cards and processed through DVMAX.

- Entry mistakes, mismatched end of day reports, and the time spent correcting these are all eliminated.

Chip-enabled card processing significantly reduces the risk of fraud, protecting you and your clients. Add to that the advantages of capturing payment information directly to a client record, and it’s time to start taking advantage of DVMAX Practice's EMV-ready, integrated credit and debit card processing.

EMV Feature Overview Video