System Requirements for the Current DVMAX Release

Applies To: DVMAX v8.8

Be sure to also review our Certification Matrix for DVMAX Practice Product Line document for information on functionality of DVMAX with various Operating Systems

Please be aware that Microsoft support for Windows 7 ended in January 2020. We strongly recommend upgrading or replacing your Windows 7 workstations - The Top 5 Risks of Using Outdated Hardware

Server Requirements

Please keep in mind that these requirements are for successful operation of DVMAX and does not take into consideration other applications that may be utilizing your server resources.

1-6 WS7-15 WS15-40 WS

40+ WS

ProcessorIntel i5, 4 CoreIntel i7, 6+ CoreIntel i7 8+ CoreIntel i7 Dual 12 cores

8 GB
(16GB recommended for best performance)

16-32 GB32-64 GB64-128 GB
Hard Drive

7200 RPM with Raid (1 or 10)
SSD (Solid State Drive) with Raid (1 or 10)

SSD and Raid (1 or 10)SSD and Raid 10SSD and Raid 10 (PCIe)
Battery BackupUninterrupted Power SupplyUninterrupted Power SupplyUninterrupted Power SupplyUninterrupted Power Supply
BackupExternal 3rd Party Backup
External 3rd Party Backup
External 3rd Party Backup
External 3rd Party Backup

100/1000 Ethernet Card Wired

Internal Static IP address

100/1000 Ethernet Card Wired

Internal Static IP address

1000 Ethernet Card Wired

Internal Static IP address

1000 Ethernet Card Wired

Internal Static IP address

Operating System Windows

Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022 or 64-bit Windows 10 - No SBS

NOTE: Windows support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 ended on January 14, 2020.

Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022 or 64-bit Windows 10 - No SBS

NOTE: Windows support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 ended on January 14, 2020.

Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022 or 64-bit Windows 10 - No SBS

NOTE: Windows support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 ended on January 14, 2020.

Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022 or 64-bit Windows 10 - No SBS

VM preferred

NOTE: Windows support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 ended on January 14, 2020.

Operating System Macintosh

Macintosh OS 10.12 - Macintosh OS 12 (Monterey) 

Macintosh Operating System Not RecommendedMacintosh Operating System Not RecommendedMacintosh Operating System Not Recommended
Display17 inch Display / 1024 x 768 Res.17 inch Display / 1024 x 768 Res.17 inch Display / 1024 x 768 Res.17 inch Display / 1024 x 768 Res.
Optical Drive



Please note: Not all new computers will meet server system requirements "out of the box". Some may require additional configuration prior to purchase. If you have questions about choosing hardware, please consult your IT group or feel free to reach out to


  • If you are using a Virtual Environment then each virtual server instance will need to meet the system requirements for the desired application.
  • We do not support a host disk supporting multiple database applications.
  • We do not support a host disk being a SAN (Storage Area Network) for the database.
  • If you are using Terminal Services, the Terminal Server must be a separate server than the server hosting the DVMAX Server application.


While DVMAX will perform an automatic nightly backup, saved locally on your server, we also strongly urge you to invest in an offsite backup solution. IDEXX offers a Data Backup and Recovery service, which we can configure and maintain for you, or your IT technician can suggest other solutions. If you're interested in learning about IDEXX Data Backup and Recovery, please reach out to DVMAX Sales at 800-877-9221 ext 1.

Workstation Requirements

ProcessorIntel i3 Processor or Higher
Ram6+ GB (8+GB preferred for best performance)
Hard Drive

40+ GB / 7200 RPM or Higher (Windows)

40+ GB / 5400 RPM or Higher (Macintosh)

2 GB of free space is necessary for installation

Network1 Active Network Connection @ 100/1000 Wired
Operating System

Windows 10 64-bit

Mac OS 10.12 - OS15 (Monterey)

Display17 or 19 inch Display @ 1024 x 768
Web Browsers

Firefox v22 or higher, Chrome v23 or higher, Safari 5.1.9 or higher, or IE 10 or higher

*Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP (effective April 8th 2014) or Windows 7 (effective January 2020).

**When choosing a Windows operating system, we recommend reviewing the Windows Lifecycle document regarding their support of different Operating Systems -

NOTE: Terminal Servers can be used for multiple client connections, but please consult with Tech Support before purchasing to discuss what your connection load will be. The Terminal Services operating system running the workstations must be Windows 2016 or higher.

We do not support using the DVMAX Server computer as a workstation running DVMAX Client.

Single User / Remote Laptop Requirements

*NOTE: The SmartFlow integration will not work with DVMAX Single User. 

ProcessorIntel i5 Processor or Higher
Hard Drive250+ GB, 7200 RPM - Suggested SSD
Operating System

64-bit Windows 10 or Macintosh OS 10.12- OS15 (Monterey)

Display17 or 19 inch Display @ 1024 x 768
Web BrowsersFirefox v52, Chrome v57, Safari 5.1.9, or IE 10

The DVMAX Scheduler relies on your workstation's web browser to function. It is necessary to use one of the browsers listed above, and in addition you can install a browser specifically for DVMAX while using your default web browser for navigating the internet.

Date Format

Your date format must be in mm/dd/yy format and be consistent across all computers that access DVMAX in any shape or form. This includes the Server, workstations, and any external integrations (lab equipment, etc.) that talk to DVMAX.

Supported Printers

Selecting a directly network capable PostScript printer will assure the greatest compatibility with the DVMAX system in a networked setting.

Because printers are constantly updated and outdated, it is impossible for us to list specific models. Instead, we can suggest specific components of a printer that are necessary and/or desirable.

  • We recommend either HP or Brother printers.
  • An Ethernet/network ready printer.
  • Ability to use PostScript printing drivers.
  • Capability of providing 30 PPM or higher (ppm = pages per minute, higher the better)
  • If you plan on printing reminder cards, verify the printer can hold card stock paper in it’s tray

NOTE: Multifunction printers prove to be unreliable as a primary printer for businesses. While these printers may be acceptable in some circumstances, we cannot support multifunction (scan/fax/print combo) network printers as your PRIMARY printer.

Supported Label Printers

DVMAX 8.0 and higher now supports driver based label printers.

Windows and Macintosh

The DYMO 450 Turbo and DYMO 550 are currently the only printers we have fully tested and approved for use with DVMAX. This printer connects directly to your computer with the included USB cable.  No additional adapters are needed. 

The DYMO 550 model will require you to purchase DYMO labels size 2 1/8” x 2 ¾, SKU: 30324. This model printer has an NFC chip and will not read third party manufacture labels.

The DYMO 4XL is another DYMO model used by a handful of our clinics. While we have not tested internally, these clinics have had success using this printer and it currently does not require DYMO branded labels. 

DVMAX v8.0 and higher will still support The DYMO SE300 or the SE450.  If using one of these two printers, and connecting to the workstation with the serial cable, be sure to review the Lab & Label Printer Adapters subject below for an explanation on what to use for connecting these printers to your system.

Lab Machine and Label Printer Adapters

While some workstations have a built in RS-232 serial port, Keyspan USB-serial adapter must be used when using a serial connection to connect any Lab Machine** or the Dymo SE300 or SE450 Printer to a workstation. We only support the Keyspan/Tripplite brand on any serial connections DVMAX works with (even those with existing serial ports.) The Keyspan USA-19HS ( adapter is used for all new installations.

Please discuss your lab instrument connections with the instrument vendor and your DVMAX trainer or account manager in advance of any new installation.

**DVMAX 8.0 now has bi-directional support with the IDEXX VetLab Station. If the IVLS has Smart Service active, no serial connections are necessary; it can be connected over the network. Contact DVMAX Tech Support for more information.

Image Scanner

It is suggested for ease of use that the scanner has a “One button” scan functionality. Since models are constantly phased out and replaced by new ones, we cannot easily recommend a specific model, but we can recommend some general features:

  • We recommend either HP or Brother scanners/All-in-One models, but not limited to.
  • HP All-in-One models will get the job done for the occasional scan, look for something devoted strictly to scanning if you plan to do a large amount, otherwise All-In-One models are fine
  • If planning to do large amounts of scanning, look for auto-feed models that boast for unattended scanning.
  • How many ‘scans per minutes’ will give you an indication of how long it will take.
  • Quality of the scan is dependent on what you’re looking for. If you plan to scan just documents, a high quality color scan is not necessary (i.e. something that would scan professional pictures).

Barcode Scanner Requirements 

The following items are required for use with barcode scanners:

  • Integrated decoder 
  • Output treated as keyboard input 
  • Configurable post amble to accept a tab at the end of the code once read.

Please note that while many different brands of barcode scanners may work. The two scanners sold by IDEXX have been tested and work with DVMAX. These can be purchased through IDEXX by calling 1-888-224-4408.

  • Motorola Symbol LS2208 - IDEXX catalog numberSBCSW
  • Motorola Symbol Li4278 - IDEXX catalog numberSBCSWWL

Battery Backup

The DVMAX Server computer and monitor, and network switches and routers should be connected to a battery backup. In the event of a power failure, a battery backup will allow someone at the practice to ensure the DVMAX Server application can be shut down properly, which will help prevent data damage. We recommend choosing a battery backup device that will monitor available power, and has the ability to shut down the operating system when running low on power. IDEXX sells a battery backup option that can be purchased through IDEXX by calling 1-888-224-4408.. 

DVMAX Sync / Remote Processing Requirements

  • The DVMAX Server or "Main" Single User computer must be on an internal static IP.
  • Synchronization takes places over a network, so both the laptops and main system should be on the same network for the best experience - wired or wireless
  • The latest version of DVMAX should already be installed and running on all computers. This includes installing DVMAX Single User on the laptops to be used.

DVMAX Integrated Credit Card Processing

  • DVMAX v8.8 and higher will ONLY support EMV processing.
  • Supported Receipt Printer - Can be purchased from your DVMAX Account Manager - 800-877-9221 ext 1

    Epson TM-T20 Ethernet (must be Ethernet model) - Network printer (allows receipts to be printed from multiple CCP terminals through the network) Printer footprint: 6" x 8"

    Paper: Thermal Roll Paper, 7/16” core. Purchased separately.
    cable is required. Purchased separately.
    Note: Printer footprint: 6" x 8", and requires an available ethernet port in close proximity to it's location.


    **Printer must be plugged in directly to the network via an Ethernet port, not an individual workstation

  • Please contact OpenEdge support for information regarding currently supported pin pads and chip readers (800-338-6614 opt. 7)